Top 4 Heavy-Furniture Packing Hacks for a Safe and Stress-Free Move

Relocating to a new place is never an easy undertake. From sorting regular household belongings to securing high-value sensitive antique items in cartons, house relocation has always been an arduous task to most tenants and homeowners. While it seems pretty easy to move small items such as centre tables or bedside tables, it takes a lot of effort, packing skills and experience when it comes to deporting bulk furniture such as bunk beds or sofa sets.

To make your furniture relocation safe and hassle-free, we have cited a few “dead-simple” packing hacks for you to follow.

  • Disassemble Your Furniture

Packing light-weight items don’t require much effort and can be easily secured in cartons. What about the cabinets and wardrobes? This is a prime consideration when it comes to house relocation and thus, must be paid attention to. Professional packers and movers in Birmingham always recommend disassembling heavy furniture into smaller parts to facilitate easy move through small doorways or cramped spaces. Sofa sets, bunk beds comprise of multiple screws and bolts. While disassembling them, make sure you count the parts to ensure a safe and hassle-free move.

  • Equip Yourself with Sufficient Packing Supplies

It’s not only essential to plan your relocation but proper execution is a must. Sofa sets, wardrobes and beds are expensive and slight damage can lead to costly repairs or a brand new replacement. Before taking the plunge of loading them in cartons, make sure you have adequate packing supplies such as bubble wraps, good-quality adhesives, packing tapes, etc., to deport them safely. While bed sheets, carpets and curtains don’t require that much attention, crockeries and high-value antique items must be secured from all sides to minimise chances of damage during transit.

  • Have Moving Tools & Equipment Ready

When it comes to moving bulk items, you can’t just rely upon your friends to assist you moving them manually. Planning a week before your relocation can eliminate the last-minute chores. Make sure to equip yourself with specialised moving tools and equipment if you are willing to take the plunge alone instead of hiring removalists in Birmingham. However, it’s always recommended to take expert’s help as otherwise, you might fetch the risk of severe injuries or damage to property. Companies offering removal services use unique tools and equipment to ensure your goods are transported without single damage.

  • Have a Detailed Checklist

Preparing a checklist before your final move-out date can simplify your relocation to a great extent. How? Well, sort all your essential commodities and stuff you wish to transport to your new residence and then consider packing your bulk furniture items. Disassembling couch, kitchen cabinets or dining tables aren’t a one-night job. It involves sufficient time and strenuous effort to secure and load them in safely in cartons. So, let your professional movers in Birmingham know about your requirements a week before your move out date. It will help them prepare a checklist accordingly and facilitate a smooth move.

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