Dead-Simple Tips for Packing Household Items for an Effortless Move

Relocating to a new place is exciting and overwhelming. However, packing household belongings is a big-time challenging task for most homeowners and they seem to have nightmares considering the strenuous effort, time and risks involved from start to end. From fragile items, high-value antique pieces to bulk goods, you need to pay close attention to minute packing details in order to prevent loss or damage to your precious possessions during transit. To end your packing woes for good and make house removals stress-free than ever, here’s this handy guide for you.

Expert packers and movers have shared some dead-simple packing hacks and if you are in need of professional house removals, contact Anytime Removal who can do the heavy lifting for you!

Sort and Categorise Your Items

The key to effortless packing is sorting and categorising household belongings according to their utilities. Search your closet, furniture and daily necessities and discard unwanted stuff which you no longer need. Cluttering your new home with unused items doesn’t make sense and therefore, it’s better to invest a day or two in sorting and catergorising your household belongings according to their use and utility. Follow the same procedure for books, papers, shoes and stationery items to make house removals in Birmingham effortless.

Equip Yourself with Adequate Packing Tools

Each household item is different in terms of its nature and hence packing should also be different. Before taking the plunge of organising your house move, you need to equip yourself with necessary packing tools and supplies to ensure your valuable possession are safe from damage, breakage or loss during transit.

Here’s what you need for packing your household items.

  • Sturdy cartons and different sized boxes
  • Packing tapes
  • Good adhesives
  • Labels, markers
  • Newspapers
  • Bubble wraps and plastics

Tips to Pack Different Household Items

Investing time and effort in categorising and packing different household items is essential to speed up the process and make house removals stress-free. Here’s what a reputed removal company in Birmingham suggests:

Electronics & Sensitive Items

  • Get hold of original packing boxes (if any) for better packing of your electrical items.
  • Earphones, battery, chargers etc should be kept in a separate box and sealed properly.
  • Desktops and other computer accessories should be packed in individual cartons to minimise damage to the intricate components.
  • Check the user manuals of each appliance and adhere to special instructions.
  • Double wrap electronics with high-quality glass screens to ensure they do not break.

Kitchenware & Utilities

  • Pack your fragile items such as cups, dishes, plates with sufficient newspapers and then with bubble wraps. Newspapers act as a first line of defence and bubble wraps will protect your items from breakage.
  • Glass containers and cutlery should be secured with additional packaging.
  • Expert removalists in Birmingham recommend placing sufficient newspaper between cups, bowls and plates to minimise chances of chipping.
  • Secure cutlery and other utilities in bundles and secure them with sufficient bubble wraps.

Daily Necessities and Small Furniture

  • Set aside daily necessities and pack them in appropriate sized boxes with proper labelling.
  • Don’t forget to lay a piece of cloth at the surface to prevent scratches.
  • Double stack your items in a moving truck and seal the lids of containers containing liquids.
  • Mark each boxes so that you know the contents inside while unpacking them.

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